A Ghostly White


This is a piece I don’t like very much. However, I wanted to show it to you anyways. Maybe you do?

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12 thoughts on “A Ghostly White

  1. Glad you showed it!

  2. Me too! I do like it very much!

  3. I like the mixture of white objects with the color and pattern background. The drips are great too. I think a different arrangement of the white pieces would make it sing.

    • Thank you for your comment. I think that could be the solution. Sometimes I just overwork a picture and then I don’t know what the missing thing is.

      • Believe me, I know the feeling! It’s so hard to clearly see work that is just created. Sometimes I put pieces aside for awhile and then go back to them after an ‘aha’ moment on how to make them say ‘ahh’. And of course, I’m always still learning, and practice makes better…if every piece is controlled and perfect, then I miss the chance to expand and grow.

  4. Oh, I love this one!

  5. I think this one is delightfully strange! I like it very much. The space seems to flatten and then gain depth in different places, the objects shift from feeling ‘real’ to becoming abstractions…and the drips add to bring the eye back to the paint and the flat surface. I find your work fascinating.

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